Swami Vivekananda Institute of Power Training and Applied Science Research

This new Power Training Institute will have active involvement of some senior Engineers / Managers with long years of valuable experience in Premier Power Plants / utilities of our state and country.This Institute will provide modern class room training, practical in-plant training and power plant simulator training to trainees as per the course guide line of Central Electricity Authority (CEA).The Training Institute is having a tie-up with operating Power Stations like OPGC(IB Thermal, Jharsuguda) & JSPL,Tamnar, so as to facilitate familiarization and to provide in plant training as per article No. 3.3 of institutional facilities of CEA guideline for reorganization of the Training Institute for Power Sector.

Admission Open Contact: 09338495545 / 09338757310 For More Details Visit Our

In Plant Training

  • Purpose of this training:
    Persons those who are ongoing for this training, they have three benefits

    1. On core sector industry & on Thermal power plant they have good understanding on subjects and face interview confidently.
    2. Depending on their knowledge  &  capability they will have a good package from the starting of job itself.
    Very few organizations provide this type of vocational training to their employee.

    30 weeks For Trainee Engineers(Degree and Diploma):

    OMS Power Training And Research Institute has understanding with some nearby Power Plants for deputing their trainees (OMSPTI-01) for in plant training lasting a period of Twelve weeks.
  • For In-Service Trainees:
    This program is designed to assist existing industries with in-service training of their employees, to provide entry-level skills for new employees, and to provide upgrading or refresher training for current employees. In most cases this training can be done at the assigned work stations during normal working hours without hindering production. The instructors are provided by OMS Power Training And Research Institute or may be employees of the company, if special conditions are met.
  • Vocational Trainees:
    One day visit to a power plant is arranged by OMSPTRI to a reputed nearby power plant / electrical Transmission & Distribution system