Swami Vivekananda Institute of Power Training and Applied Science Research

This new Power Training Institute will have active involvement of some senior Engineers / Managers with long years of valuable experience in Premier Power Plants / utilities of our state and country.This Institute will provide modern class room training, practical in-plant training and power plant simulator training to trainees as per the course guide line of Central Electricity Authority (CEA).The Training Institute is having a tie-up with operating Power Stations like OPGC(IB Thermal, Jharsuguda) & JSPL,Tamnar, so as to facilitate familiarization and to provide in plant training as per article No. 3.3 of institutional facilities of CEA guideline for reorganization of the Training Institute for Power Sector.

Admission Open Contact: 09338495545 / 09338757310 For More Details Visit Our


The Institute is enriched with experienced engineers having expertise in field & academics from 4 to 40 years. The institute has got technical tie ups with reputed institution of the state. We provide consultancy services in the power Sector in the following domains.

  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Evacuation scheme
  • Evaluating Generator
  • Protection co-ordination
  • Design of inter-trip
  • Failure analysis
  • System operational support
  • Renewable Source of Energy including Co-Gen.
POWER SYSTEM Distribution
  • Load Forecasting (Long, Short term and day ahead scheduling for system operation)
  • Distribution Planning
  • Feeder/Asset Mapping
  • Energy Auditing & Accounting
  • A T& C computation
  • Protection co-ordination
  • ABT operation
  • Distribution Automation
  • Automation System
Industrial /Bulk Steel, Aluminum And Chemical And Consuming Industries
  • Evacuation plan for surplus power -CGP
  • Open access- LTOA/MTOA/STOA
  • Reactive Compensation
  • Network Design and Grid Connectivity Study
  • Protection Co-ordination
  • Insulation Co-ordination
  • Transient and Disturbance Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Energy Conservation & DSM
Regulatory Affairs
  • In the matter of O, G.C compliance
  • Connection conditions
  • Operating Code.
  • Scheduling & dispatch
  • Metering, communication & data acquisition
  • Miscellaneous tech-legal issues fall under Regulatory frame work
  • In the matter of Distribution (condition of supply) code
  • In the matter of both Transmission & distribution interface
  • Energy Conservation & DSM
Distribution Automation (DA) Application of IT, control decisions executed in either automatic mode or in semiautomatic mode through
  • Network Generation: -Graphical representation, Editing, Validation, Bill board printing.
  • Monitoring: - System operating point data, Topological information,
  • Component specification:- Customization, Alarm generation (audio / video).
  • Control: - Switch control command, Control interl
  • Data Logging: - Logging of system operating point, Event log report, Report generation
  • System Information: - System quantities, % Unbalance in voltage and current, Component health , Circuit Breaker (CB) / Load Break Switch (LBS) / Isolator status, Remote / Local status, auto
  • Watchdog diagnostic and rectification tool